In a mapbox-gl map, given the source:

map.addSource('myTileSource', {
    type: "vector",
    tiles: "url to source tiles.pbf",

is it possible to get all the layers and/or metadata for the tiles inside that source? This is possible in node with node-mbtiles, but wondering if it is possible directly in mapbox-gl via javascript? Something like map.getLayersFromSource would be awesome.

  • Mapbox has simple tools that take a tile source and convert it to GeoJSON, such as github.com/mapbox/vt2geojson which may be useful here.
    – kuanb
    Feb 6, 2019 at 22:58

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Since you have a .MBTiles file you can use TileServer GL to serve up your data. This tiny web server has a mode called Inspect or X-Ray which will sniff the vector layers in the .MBTiles and display a basic style so you can see the data.

TileServer GL uses Javascript to show the vector data available at each zoom level. It also has a mouse event handler to show you the metadata of each feature.

After installing tileserver-gl or tileserver-gl-light you can then navigate to the Inspect mode by navigating to

See this link for more information on how to install

tileserver-gl-xray-inspect Example of Inspect mode from TileServer GL

  • What is the recommended server requirements for Tileserver-gl-light? Should I expect performance similar to mbtiles-server which uses node-mbtiles? I have tileserver PHP installed and the performance for serving of vector tiles from mbtiles is not good, though the server CPU and memory are very limited. Finally, can Tileserver-gl-light watch a directory or do I have to specify each mbtiles individually?
    – Malcolm
    Jan 20, 2017 at 9:54
  • I would refer you to the docs github.com/klokantech/tileserver-gl This is a newer project than the PHP version, so it may address some of your questions.
    – RobLabs
    Jan 20, 2017 at 16:04

There is a bit of ambiguity in your question, but if your question is "list all Mapbox GL JS layers for a given source ID", you can iterate through all the layers in a Mapbox GL map and filter out anything that doesn't match the source name:

map.getStyle().layers.filter(i => i.source === 'myTileSource')

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