I am trying to get some polygon features drawn on my map. point features are working fine. even the coordinates of my polygon are correct, i draw them as point features on my map to check that.

i am using the latest version of openlayers (3.2 i guess).

here the code i am using for populating the polygons:

mapView = new ol.View({
      center: [15.438445,47.071028],
      projection: 'EPSG:4326',
      zoom: 17

            // MAP ERSTELLEN
            map = new ol.Map({
                target: 'map',
      layers: [
        new ol.layer.Group({
          'title': 'Basis',
          layers: [
            new ol.layer.Tile({
                        title: 'Bing',
                        type: 'base',
                        source: new ol.source.BingMaps({
        'my key here ..',
                        imagerySet: 'Road'
      view: mapView
    sehenswuerdigkeitLayer = new ol.layer.Vector({
            title: 'Sehenswürdigkeiten',
            type: 'overlay',
      projection: 'EPSG:4326',
            source: new ol.source.Vector()


  var polygonGeometry = new ol.geom.Polygon();
          var coordinates = [];

          $.each(geoJson.coordinates, function(i, polyCoordsArr) {

            $.each(polyCoordsArr, function(i2, polyCoords) {
              if (polyCoords.length == 0) {
                return true;

              var geschaeftFeature = new ol.Feature({
                geometry: new ol.geom.Point(




the loops are neccessary because i get those coordinates from my database, also i have to switch those coordinates since openlayers use [longitude,latitude] and not [latitude, longitude] as point.

the result of my code gives following object output:

coordinates object

here you can see that the points / coordinates of my polygon are valid (visible as blue circles, ignore the green round circles, thats just other features)

map preview with polygon coordinates displayed as point feature

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