How can I rotate a map to -28.5 in ArcGIS Pro? Right clicking the Layout allows you to rotate like this:enter image description here

Right clicking on the actual map lets you rotate like this, but is very restrictive and does not let you type a value.... enter image description here

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In the rotation field in your second screenshot you can type in a value, although it doesn't appear to accept decimals - 28 will work, 28.5 will not work.

It doesn't accept negative values, but you can just do range 0-360, so closest you'll get here appears to be 331 or 332

It also looks like you can use hotkeys A (counter-clockwise) and D (clockwise) to rotate the map view, and V which allows you to rotate using the mouse. These will both rotate with decimals, but also don't seem to be able to type in a specific rotation value.

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