I use ArcMap 10.3 to create a query layer of points. The layer is used in a JavaScript API map as a ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer.

Each point has two attributes: point_color and frame_color. I have 10 different colors for point_color and 10 different colors in frame_color.

The symbol I want is an arrow colored by point_color and a frame colored by frame_color.

I can manually create the symbols as a character marker symbol but then I need to create 10*10 different symbols that deffer only by the colors.

I tried to use LayerDrawingOptions to send a json renderer from the client to the server but there it supports only marker and picture symbols.

Is there a way to create the layer symbology without creating 10*10 different symbols? all symbols are identical except for the point color and frame color.

(I know that I can use a feature layer and render the layer in the client side, but the layer is VERY large and I have performance issues so I want to render the layer is the server side)

Here is a sample of a symbol with red as frame_color and green as point_color: a sample of a symbol with red as frame_color and green as point_color


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I suspect that there is no ArcMap answer to this but if you are also using ArcGIS Pro you may want to experiment with attribute driven symbology:

Once a layer has been enabled for attribute-driven symbology, you can connect most symbol properties to the value in a feature attribute field or on an expression.


Color properties require string fields containing hexadecimal color values (for example, #CC0055).

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