I used the following code to create geography column using latitude, longitude

alter table [locate].[dbo].[BFLGeocodedResult] add geographyColumn as geography::STGeomFromText
('POINT('+convert(varchar(20),[Final Longitude])+' '+convert(varchar(20),[Final Latitude])+')',4326)

Also created Clustered Index and then tried to create spatial index using the below query

       CREATE SPATIAL INDEX [BFLGeocodedResult_sidx] ON [locate].[dbo].[BFLGeocodedResult]
BOUNDING_BOX =(-90, -180, 90, 180))

when I run the above query I get the error

Cannot create primary xml, selective xml or spatial index 'BFLGeocodedResult_sidx' on table 'locate.dbo.BFLGeocodedResult', column 'geographyColumn', because the column is computed.
  • Please edit your question to specify the exact version of SQL Server in use.
    – Vince
    Jan 18, 2017 at 12:04

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You create a computed column in your alter table statement. Consider creating a geography column and then update (populate) the column with your [Final Longitude] and [Final Latitude] data.

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