I have a layer (Esri shapefile) which has points in it. Each point has 'property identifier' as metadata. (Boundaries and boundary markers are in different layers / files.)

In QGIS I changed the appearance of layer so that 'property identifier' shows as a text, for example "148-405-1-101". This way: Layer Properties > Style: Font marker > data override with Field type: string, and picked up the right metadata field. This works fine.

Now I'm trying to export/save that layer as DXF, but in DXF points will be points, not text elements. Is there a way to convert points' data into text elements in DXF?

I tried via Project > DXF Export... and Layer > Save as...

I also found this: https://www.qgis.ch/en/projects/dxf-export. Could it be just encoding problem? Of which I don't know anything...

I'm not a GIS expert so I'm sorry if there's any clumsiness in my explanation.

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