There is a metadata_xml column in the base_resourcebase table of GeoNode database. It contains XML document with metadata informations of the layer.

There are also other metadata columns in this table, such as title, abstract, license_id (foreign key), data_quality_statement. These informations are duplicit with the informations from XML.

How is the XML document in metadata_xml generated?
What is the XML document used for? Can it be omitted?

I'm asking this question because I need to transfer metadata from one GeoNode to another with the same layers. I thought it would be enough to update needed columns of base_resourcebase and layers_layer, joined using layers_layer.typename, but the XML document contains details I don't want to change, like fileIdentifier, or URLs.


The metadata_xml field is provided in GeoNode to manage a static rendering of a given layer's metadata record in ISO 19115/19139. The document is used for fast delivery of the GeoNode native layer model in ISO and as an early out for CSW workflows.

GeoNode refreshes this column internally whenever a user updates their metadata. The column is required and GeoNode will break if it is omitted.

Check the docs or the GeoNode users mailing list on ways of safely migrating data from / to GeoNode environments.

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