We're using MapBox to serve a raster tileset.

At low zoom levels the transparent pixels are seethrough:

enter image description here

When you zoom in though it goes black (we've added oppacity):

enter image description here


  • Why is this
  • How to stop it with MapBox?
  • Will it work out-of-the-box with gdal2tiles?
  • Any other references about best practice for serving partially transparent raster tiles?

To reproduce the behaviour: http://npct0.vs.mythic-beasts.com/msoa/?r=isle-of-wight

Context: https://www.jtlu.org/index.php/jtlu/article/view/862


I found the Mapbox layer that you mentioned here. And it is listed as servering PNG on the Mapbox servers. https://{s}.tiles.mapbox.com/v4/alexfrost.0oaowqxv/{z}/{x}/{y}.png

But if you navigate to the Mapbox Tileset, https://www.mapbox.com/studio/tilesets/alexfrost.0oaowqxv, using your Mapbox login credentials, then you see that your format is webp. Which is fine, but could be contributing to your problem. Screen capture below as you need a Mapbox account to view that link.

See this thread for further discussion Mapbox Studio for macOS renders GeoTiff into webp with black background - suggestions?

enter image description here

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