Working on city mapping... We've several layers that are constantly being edited and saved.

Would like to be able to save a few clicks by creating a custom macro/hotkey to "save current layer", and scroll up or down to the next layer in the Layers Panel.

Thinking "ctrl+mouse wheel up or down".

So far have been unable to find anything of this sort.


I'm not aware of any QGIS functionality that can do this but if you are using a Windows machine, I know of two macro applications that can do it:

  • Macro Express is a proprietary macro application for automating tasks. It has a powerful GUI-based macro editor so you can pick through and configure commands without knowing anything about scripting. It has a free trial version but it'll cost $45 - $70 for the licensed version. http://www.macros.com/download.htm
  • AutoIt is an open source automation app that can do many of the same things but you'll need to learn some scripting to work with it. https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/

The task you described seems pretty basic so I don't think it would be tough to create a script and configure a shortcut key in either program that would do it.

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