After some experimenting and reading source codes I tried to connect to my GPS device as follows (from a QGIS plugin):


def connectGPS(self):
    port = u'\\\\.\\COM4'
    #port = u'localhost:2947:'
    self.detector = QgsGPSDetector(port)
    print 'detected, connection functions'
    print '---'
    print 'advance'

def connectionSucceed(self, connection):
    print 'connection Succeed'
    print QgsGPSConnectionRegistry.instance().connectionList()[0].currentGPSInformation().utcDateTime.toString()

def connectionFailed(self):
    print 'connection failed.'

Pressing my above referred button results in

enter image description here

Note the output on the python console, minidump occurs at QgsGPSConnectionRegistry.instance().registerConnection(connection)

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What is it that causes the minidump? I think similiar c++ code of the GPS Information panel works pretty well...

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