ColorBrewer palettes are not available in ArcMap. There was ColorTool, a plugin for ArcGIS 9.x developed by National Cancer Institute, but as indicated in this question from 6 years ago, it was never upgraded to ArcGIS 10.

Answers to that question elicited the response to download the style file from http://codesharing.arcgis.com/?dbid=14403. However, this domain no longer appears to be maintained, and no style file is available for download.

Does anyone know of another source for this style file?

Edit: The nonexistent file is also linked to from http://www.gisuser.org.nz/tips-and-tricks, which conveniently explains, with screenshots, how to import the style file once you have it.


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Reach Resource Center has a archive copy of a Color Brewer ArcMap style file available for download.


I had the same problem last year trying to get hold of the style file. I contacted Cynthia Brewer directly, got no response...

I then contacted the web developers behind colorbrewer and they pointed me to a defunct ArcGIS 9.3 tool... Obviously not ESRI users!

When I pointed this out they simply removed the link from their site which was pointing to ArcScripts so now they have nothing... After maybe what 6 months nothing has been replaced, shame as their site is quite helpful.

I believe ArcGIS Pro has the many colorbrewer colour schemes.

The link that @Midavalo provides above is the style file squirrelled away on some other website, nice one! Works in ArcGIS 10.5.


This link worked for me in ArcGIS 10.3

Edit: I see now it's the same link @Midavalo posted. Please, put your comment as an answer so it can be accepted


You can download the .style file at this Git repo: https://github.com/ISUEOGTP/GISTaskSheet mentioned in these PDF instructions: https://indicator.extension.iastate.edu/projects/tasksheets/reports/PM2082-14e.pdf

These instructions also explain how to import it once you have it.


new link for the .style file: https://github.com/ISUEOGTP/GISTaskSheets

  • As of 11/2022, this is the correct link to the ColorBrewer .style file. (It's in the 'Classes' subfolder.) I successfully imported its color ramps into ArcMap 10.8 using the instructions in the iastate.edu PDF others have linked.
    – neirbom9
    Commented Nov 8, 2022 at 22:43

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