I am trying to create an OpenLayers.Layer.Image and incorporate it into my map. I have this block of code:

map = new OpenLayers.Map ({
            div: "dvMap",
            theme: null,
            projection: new OpenLayers.Projection ("EPSG:4326"),
            maxResolution: 360 / 512,
            center: new OpenLayers.LonLat (-80.92, 40.51),
            zoom: 6,
            layers: [
                 new OpenLayers.Layer.TMS ("TarigmaOSM",
                                           "http://" + maphost + "/cgi-bin/tilecache/tilecache.cgi/",
                                                serviceVersion: "1.0.0",
                                                layername: "osm",
                                                type: "png",
                                                attribution: "Data CC-by-SA OpenStreetMap"
                new OpenLayers.Layer.Image ("WeatherImage",
                                            "http://localhost:8080/data/get/weather/radar?stationID=2&productID=2&anticache=" + (new Date ()).getTime (),
                                            new OpenLayers.Bounds (-78.977468899814, 38.770277779319, -84.7329398692738, 41.9763540510698),
                                            new OpenLayers.Size (600, 550),


When I run this, I get my TarigmaOSM layer (base map) just fine, but I don't even see the request for the image layer file in Firebug, nor do I get any problems. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here and/or what I'm doing wrong?


Try supplying some options for the layer instead of nulling the default options out.

var options = {
    //numZoomLevels: 15,
    isBaseLayer: false,
    maxResolution: "auto",
    resolutions: map.layers[0].resolutions,
    projection: map.getProjectionObject(),
    strategies: [new OpenLayers.Strategy.Fixed()],
    displayInLayerSwitcher: true
new OpenLayers.Layer.Image("WeatherImage",
    "http://localhost:8080/data/get/weather/radar?stationID=2&productID=2&anticache=" + (new Date()).getTime(),
    new OpenLayers.Bounds(-78.977468899814, 38.770277779319, -84.7329398692738, 41.9763540510698),
    new OpenLayers.Size(600, 550),
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  • While that sounded promising, it has had no effect. – Nik Mar 30 '12 at 15:45
  • I added edited the options, please try again with resolutions: map.layers[0].resolutions,. These work for me. Everything else seems fine. You're sure http://localhost:8080/data/get/weather/radar?stationID=2&productID=2&anticache=blah returns an image? Also, FYI unlike WFS requests, you will not see any requests in Firebug for this Image overlay. – CaptDragon Mar 30 '12 at 15:55
  • If you're still not seeing it, make sure it's not a very small spec west of Africa. If it is it's just a projection problem. – CaptDragon Mar 30 '12 at 15:58
  • Are you seeing it in the layer switcher? – CaptDragon Mar 30 '12 at 15:59
  • 1
    One thing I have found with Image layers is that Size can determine if they display or not. This appears to be related to whether you state the layer's maxResolution. CaptDragon had some good suggestions to troubleshoot. I'm thinking of perhaps spelling things out even more though it may not seem necessary. So, spell out maxResolution and projection. I don't spell out my image layer resolutions nor state displayInLayerSwitcher. However, I do set visibility: true in the options. And I don't think strategies is needed. Think that's primarily for vector layers. Mine haven't needed it. – teknocreator Apr 4 '12 at 16:23

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