I'm trying to calculate a NDVI index for a raster of Landsat TM with ST_MapAlgebraExpr in PostGIS (2.1):

CREATE TABLE ndvi_lugo_tm AS (
ST_MapAlgebraExpr(lugo_tm.rast, 5, lugo_tm.rast, 4, 
AS rast, 1 AS rid
FROM lugo_tm AS lugo_tm);

But I get error:

ERROR: error de sintaxis en o cerca de «)» LINE 1: SELECT ($1-$2)/$1+$2+0.01)::double precision ^ QUERY: SELECT ($1-$2)/$1+$2+0.01)::double precision ********** Error ********** ERROR: error de sintaxis en o cerca de «)»

Can anyone help me?


Some of your brackets are misplaced:

('[rast1.val]-[rast2.val])/[rast1.val]+[rast2.val]+0.01' : in that expression you have a closing bracket at -[rast2.val]) that match no opening bracket.

Secondly: Why do you have consecutive brackets there. You shouldn't, thought that won't be breaking anything (('[rast1.val]-[rast2.val])/[rast1.val]+[rast2.val]+0.01'))

Good luck


  • Thank you Fabien....One of the parentheses was not necessary... – AR Diego Jan 27 '17 at 12:54

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