I'm hoping to find out the methodology for mapping increases and decreases in point based occurrences from multiple tables.

Eventual output: A map displaying point density/kernel density increases and decreases of event/location based burglary calls for Police service over three years. (2012, 2013, 2014).

More basically, in a given city, where did burglary calls for service increase or decrease over the 3 years?

The data I have are the three separate years with XY coordinates for the burglary occurrences in excel .csv format.

Field calculating the attributes between two tables is straight forward enough but I wasn't sure how to account for or calculate for an additional table.

  • What GIS software are you using? – PolyGeo Jan 26 '17 at 19:50
  • Apologies for the delay. ArcMAP 10.x – Josh T Feb 6 '17 at 2:32

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