May i ask how to I add a event listener to the map to detect when a marker has been added to the map? In the docs, it says that we can use the "add" event, but how do I actually use it? http://leafletjs.com/reference.html#marker

I have tried:

map.on(marker,'add', function() { // Throws a error "marker is not defined"
    console.log('marker added')

map.on('add', function() { // doesn't do anything
    console.log('marker added')

Any help?


The add event detects when a specific marker is added to the map.

var marker = L.marker([51.5, -0.09]); // first, define a marker

marker.on('add', function() { // called when the specific marker is added to the map
    console.log('marker added');

Demo: https://jsfiddle.net/wLqcsb0L/

I think you may want Leaflet's layeradd event on L.Map, which will fire when any layer is added to the map.

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