I have 3 different strings: (Route) is a polyline coming out of a shapefile in which I removed all other routes, the other two (River and Trail) are imported KML's, which I created in google earth.

I am interested in the boundary these three strings form, and would like to make a polygon out of the shape (By connecting the end nodes of "River" and "Trail", this can be done randomly as I will later cut the created polygon with bordering polygons).

I know how to do the second part (connecting end nodes with "Node Tool" and polygonize with "Polygonize algorithm"), but how can I merge all three lines so that QGIS will see them as 1 Linestring?


Finally I would like to make such a Shape (Which I tried and failed since QGIS sees them as separate linestrings I believe).


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  1. Save each .kml layer as a shapefile by right-clicking the layer and choosing the Save As... option. Make sure to select ESRI Shapefile as Format and the relevant CRS.

  2. Load all three of your route shapefiles then run the Merge vector layers tool from either the menubar:

    Vector > Data Management Tools > Merge vector layers

    or from the Processing Toolbox:

    Processing Toolbox > QGIS geoalgorithms > Vector general tools > Merge vector layers

    The output should be a single linestring shapefile containing your routes.

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