I open a shapefile with the rgdal lib:

foo <- readOGR(dsn="myfolder",layer="myshapefileWithoutEnding")
foo.df <- as(foo, "data.frame")

Then I add a column to the data frame with

foo.df$MY_VALUE <- myDataFrameWithOneColumn

The I check if it looks fine with print(foo.df) and it does, foo.df shows my values as a new column

Then I write the shapefile

writeOGR(foo, ".", myfilename, driver="ESRI Shapefile")  

It saves 4 files, everything looks fine.

But when I open the shapefile in a viewer, I can't see my added column. Everything looks like before.

Any idea why?


OMG, I added a whole dataframe to my object. So in the end I have this:

 foo <- readOGR(dsn="myfolder",layer="myshapefileWithoutEnding")
 foo@data$MY_VALUE <- myDataFrameWithOneColumn[,1]
 writeOGR(foo, ".", myfilename, driver="ESRI Shapefile",overwrite_layer=TRUE) 

Now it works!

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