I have a Python script (Python add-in) that creates new entries (with InsertCursor) in an event table that was used for linear referencing (through Display Route Events). The table is stored in a file GDB.

My first problem is linked to this question:

Refreshing open attribute table in ArcMap using ArcPy rather than ArcObjects?

the table is not reflecting the edition, except if I close the table tab and relaunch it, or if I sort an attribute of the table. I have tried all solutions exposed in this question. But that’s OK, I can deal with a manual refresh.

My main problem is that the entries I have created are “dead datas”: they are not represented in the map. My only solution is either to close the mxd and relaunch it, or edit them again, and then the segment created is shown.

I have tried to edit the layer (not the table), to update the entries directly after their creation (in the same script), to recreate a new event layer (display route events) and to change to "da" cursors, but the problem remained.

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