An older version of CARTO allowed for adjustment of the styles based on a Column. For example, I could show elevation points over a certain elevation as green and points under a certain elevation as red. I can't seem to find where this is now.

Can someone help here?


You still can do that in BUILDER, new CARTO web application. As explained here, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the layer card.
  2. Select the STYLE tab.
  3. Click the FILL color to open the color properties for the map layer. The SOLID tab opens by default.
  4. Click BY VALUE to select the column. Then you can choose the number of breaks, the color scheme, and breaking method.

style by value
(source: carto.com)

Finally, I highly recommend having a look at a these related blog posts, about styling with Turbo CARTO (the CartoCSS preprocessor behind the STYLE UI) and the new CARTOColors.

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