I have a map with 6000+ 1km buffers of ponds I want to clip them so the buffer does not cross a barrier which is a series of polylines in a separate shapefile.

I have created a 1 km buffer around all ponds.

I have merged several road files to create a barrier file.

I now want to clip the buffer rings against the buffers.

I tried converting the barrier lines to polygons and then clipping but this just clipped the edge of the whole shape not to the individual road features.



I basically do not want the buffers to cross a barrier.

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  • can you show a zoomed in screen shot of just what you mean. I dont understand if you are only talking about the edges or of every lines. Also if it is the second case, and a line goes through a buffer, how do you know which side of the buffer to keep? – ed.hank Feb 4 '17 at 17:44