We're developing a reverse proxy sitting in front of Carto's API. When a user of our reverse proxy requests data, we'd like the geometry values to be returned as Well-Known Text. And our reverse proxy sits in front of an arbitrary number of tables/datasets, so we don't know the field names ahead of time (and I'd like to avoid a second HTTP request to find them out if possible, just for speed).

To accomplish this with the JSON format, we've been using: SELECT *, ST_AsText(the_geom) AS the_geom (example)

This works fine - it only outputs a single the_geom field. I'm not sure if this is a feature of Postgres or simply a "feature" of JSON (you can't have more than one property with the same name).

The problem is that it doesn't work when making the same query with &format=csv (example). It throws the error: ERROR 1: ERROR: column reference \"the_geom\" is ambiguous"

Any advice on getting around this?


You are getting that error because you are getting the_geom twice. The first inside the *, and the second, as the new field you are creating on the fly. If you change the alias of this last field and use any other name but the_geom such as the_geom_as_text, the query would work. Here you have the working query.

  • Thanks, but it works fine when I query it as JSON. It's only when I add the &format=csv parameter to the URL that it throws an error. Could that point to another issue? – Tobias Fünke Feb 7 '17 at 15:35
  • 1
    It could. The error is expected (it fails also with other formats). json most likely works because of a wrapped query where the second the_geom shadows the first one. But this is a not expected behaviour. – ramiroaznar Feb 8 '17 at 9:02

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