Is there a keyboard shortcut for opening an attribute table for a layer in QGIS 2.18?

I'd like to avoid having to right-click on my layer and then use the drop-down menu to select "Open Attribute Table".


By default the F6 key is the shortcut to open the attribute table of the layer selected in the Layers Panel in Windows. If there is no default shortcut (which is the case in QGIS on MacOS) or you want to change the shortcut, you can go to "Settings - Configure Shortcuts" and select your own shortcut key combination.


Also, on the "Attributes Toolbar" you can click on the "Open Attribute Table" icon.

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In QGIS 3:

  • F6 to open the attribute table
  • Shift + F6 to open selected features only (Shift like Selected)
  • Ctrl + F6 to open visible features only

Source: https://north-road.com/qgis-3-0-shortcuts/

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