i´m about to reinstall GeoNode on Ubuntu 14.04 and i would like to keep all layers and geonode webpage changes I made (html and css changes). I´m saving some backup files and i want to make sure to have everything i need before uninstalling. So far i got the postgresql database backup file, and folders located in:


I´m new to this, so I´m not sure if it will work or not. Is there anything else i should backup? Will it work if after reinstalling i just replace some files or folders with the ones i saved (settings.py, local_settings.py, geoserver style sld and other data files?


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You will need to make a backup of 4 things:

  1. The GeoNode database (postgresql)
  2. The GeoNode datastore (postgresql)
  3. All the uploaded files from /var/www/*/uploaded
  4. The GeoServer data folder

You can also keep a backup of settings.py and local_settings.py for future reference.


I followed this instructions and it´s working fine https://github.com/capooti/geonode/blob/migration_from20_to_24/scripts/migrations/migrate20to24/index.rst

After uninstalling y found this tool http://docs.geonode.org/en/master/tutorials/admin/backup_restore/index.html#backup-restore-geonode wich would have been usefull, but it was too late for me. Thanks!

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