I want to use RasterCellValueCalculator in FME to perform an arithmetic operation on a pair of rasters (TIF).

FME requires that the two rasters must have the same number of rows and columns.

But my two raster have:

  • different extent
  • different size of pixel
  • different number of rows and colums enter image description here

Which approach and transformers should I use to create a paired raster?


My raster manipulation in FME is limited. However, I would have a look at the following transformers which may assist you.

  1. RasterPropertyExtractor - Extracts the geometry properties of a raster feature and exposes them as attributes.
  2. RasterResampler - Resamples an input raster using the desired dimensions, the desired cell size in ground units, or a percentage of the size.
  3. RasterSubsetter - Reduces a raster to a subset of its original size. This is essentially a clipping operation using pixel bounds instead of ground coordinates.
  4. RasterCellOriginSetter - Sets the raster's cell origin.

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