I'm searching for an overlay for g.projector including all (or most) of the world's administrative regions. (apparently, valid formats are CNO, CNOB and SHP)

With "administrative region" I mean the administrative level just below the nation level, such as US States, UK Regions, etc.

I've found some nation-specific ones at statsilk, but they aren't many, and they are a single file for each nation, so I wouldn't even know how to import it in g.projector…

How can I find such a file, assuming it exists?

Consider that I'm pretty new at this, so it's possible I'm missing something obvious. I've searched on google, following many links, browsing many sites, and noticed there are many different maps… only I couldn't find that one I'm looking for.


Have a look at the Natural Earth Cultural layers - I suspect that you want Admin 1 – States, Provinces.

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  • I can't actually get the naturalearthdata shp files to display as overlays in G.Projector (v2.1.7) although I am able to get shp files to display from other sources such as the statsilk ones. Did they work for anyone else? Any ideas what I may be doing wrong? – nine9ths Apr 24 '18 at 18:03
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