If I clone a feature from a Vector Layer A and I add it to another Layer B, I assume this happens only in client side and it doesn't really affect my B Layer on server at all, am I right?

# Note: Syntax is CoffeeScript

clone = featureFromA.clone()

# This returns the Source of a layer by its name
layerBSource = @app.getMapLayerSource('LayerB')


I guess this is a really stupid question, but I didn't find any information on the API Docs about this.

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Yes, you are just adding the feature at client side. To store the source you need to use an appropriate write function for your desired ol.format.


  • ol.format.GeoJSON.writeFeaturesObject(features, opt_options) (API)
  • ol.format.WFS.writeTransaction(inserts, updates, deletes, options) (API)

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