This is what I am trying to do, but I am using the World Hillshade file from ArcGIS online and a land status shapefile:


I am fairly new to GIS, so I do not think I am asking google the correct questions. I basically want to overlay my land status shapefile over the world hillshade, but the only way I know how to display both is by changing the transparency on one or the other. This article seems like it will give me what I want.

I have started by creating a mosaic dataset. The only way I can think of proceeding is to somehow convert the world hillshade and the land status to raster so I can add it to the mosaic dataset, but I do not believe that is possible and now I am stuck... There is a lot I am missing to the conceptual side of GIS.

Is the world hillshade something that I want? What about a DEM, should I be using that instead? I do not really understand the difference between the two or if that even matters.... all I want is for my map to have nice mountainous features with the land status color on top, both unaltered.

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  • Why are you making a mosaic dataset? – Midavalo Feb 10 '17 at 20:42

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