I have CAD files from AutoCAD and from MicroStation. I need to know if it's 2D or 3D. I have FME at my disposal. How can I know if it's 2D or 3D in FME?

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In the Data Inspector I'd just query a feature and check the information panel. It will say 2D or 3D for the dimension:

enter image description here

If it's in a workspace itself, then try the DimensionExtractor transformer. That will return whether the features are 2D or 3D as an attribute.


There is a thread on the Safe Software forums which asks the same question, with a response that suggests the following:

  1. Visual check - view data in Inspector in 3d - view data edge on (ie in elevation). You will see a long horizontal line if data is in 2d - otherwise it's in 3d (or badly drawn 2d !!!)

  2. Expose X,Y and Z attributes of all data. Test for any Z attribute not equal to 0 - if any Z attributes are not equal to 0 - data is probably 3d. Strictly speaking, test to see if all data (nodes / vertices) have the same Z value. Use a Statistics Calculator and a GroupBy on the Z attribute. If you have 1 Z value (probably 0) - data is 2d If you have >1 Z value - data is 3d or badly drawn 2d - see visual check above.

There is more information on that thread that may be of use to you as well.

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