I want to create a portable QGIS. It can be done by copy the folder of QGIS2 and put in other computer. And if I want to run python in startup, I have to put the startup file in C:\Users\USER\.qgis2\python.

So, I can't do it the way in : Disable QGis Tips Panel when application start

I want to do this in python. I have to input the script in startup file. So, how could I script this?


If you want to disable the QGIS tips, you could use the following in your startup script (assuming this is for QGIS 2.18):

from PyQt4.QtCore import QSettings
QSettings().setValue("/Qgis/showTips218", False)
  • @mega - Most welcome, glad it works :) – Joseph Feb 16 '17 at 10:07

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