Is there an alternative source for 8-digit (vector shapefiles) US watersheds?

The USDA link is down and they are not responsive to my query for getting the data:


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I was looking at this dataset myself today, I opted to send an e-mail and the data layers that I needed. I'll see if they hold true to the 1-2 business days.

However, I also came across this site -

Which contains the 8-digit HUCs you are looking for both in shapefile and KML format.


The National Hydrography Dataset contains the Watershed Boundary Dataset, which contains 8-digit watersheds (also 2,4,6,10,12,14, and 16-digit where available) for every state in the USA. The high-resolution version is available for download by state here: ftp://nhdftp.usgs.gov/DataSets/Staged/States/FileGDB/HighResolution/.


For me, links in the both answers are unreachable or broken.

Currently available watershed shapefiles are in the following link:


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