I am using an off-campus computer and need to add the Spatial Analyst to ArcMap in ArcGIS for Desktop.

Could someone please give step-by-step instructions on the order I need to install this?

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    Do you have a license for the Spatial Analyst extension? – whyzar Feb 14 '17 at 18:31
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    There is no separate installation (hasn't been for a long time now), but you do need to select the correct modules during installation (or alter the install to add them, afterward). This is adequately covered by the installation documentation. – Vince Feb 14 '17 at 18:36
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As Vince commented, there is not a separate install for Spatial Analyst anymore. But what you will need to do (when you are on campus or on a network where you can reach the license server) is listed below. You will have to check out a license for both ArcMap and the Spatial Analyst Extension (and any other extensions you may want to utilize away from the license server).

Borrowing licenses

  1. Using the ArcGIS Administrator, select the desired product folder (Desktop or Engine) in the table of contents for which you want to borrow licenses.

  2. Make sure the license manager has been defined.

  3. Select the Borrow/Return folder. Set the number of days you want to borrow licenses for in the Borrow For: box.

  4. Check the boxes of the features you want to borrow and click Apply.

  5. After the licenses have been borrowed, click OK to close the ArcGIS Administrator.

  6. You can now use your ArcGIS software while off the network.

See: ESRI Help Link on Borrowing Licenses

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