I converted a .tif file into a tileset using the gdal2tiles plugin on QGIS. The resulting files are a bunch of .png files, .html files and a .xml file. I zipped these and tried uploading them to Carto but got the error that the file types were not supported.

What am I doing wrong? How does one upload these tiles?

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CARTO is a location intelligence platform aimed to store vector datasets you want to visualize and analyze. CARTO does not support uploading tilesets. You need to publish them elsewhere on a static web service hosting and then if they fit the technical requirements (projection and so on) you'll be able to add them as a basemap to your CARTO visualization.


You can't import directly file formats such as .png, .html or .xml to CARTO due to those are not supported formats (In this section of the documentation of CARTO, you can find detailed information about the supported files to import to CARTO)

In order to add the custom tileset to be added as a basemap to CARTO they would need to be stored in a web server. So you can add them to the map by adding a new basemap using a URL.

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