I am using macOS 10.12 and Python 2.7 installed by homebrew. As recommended, I successfully installed GDAL-1.11.4 by Kyngesburye's Framework.

When I want to install another package which dependents on "GDAL>1.9,<2.0" using "pip install *.whl" or "python setup.py install", the pip do not recognize the installed GDAL. And of course, the pip will download and install gdal automatically.

Then, error occurs with " File "", line 4, in setuptools.sandbox.UnpickleableException: gdal_config_error(OSError(2, 'No such file or directory'),)"

Besides, when I edit my code using PyCharm, the GDAL is also not identified thought the code can run successfully.

I wonder how can I fix this problem?



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