I have a problem when I try to get a value from my group of layers.

I have some NetCDFs in geoserver that update every 6 hours.

In my code, I get the data from them with getGetFeatureInfoUrl. I use the parameter time to specify which value I want.


The first time I get the value, it returns OK, but when I update the NetCDF, it returns the value from 06:00:00 and not 00:00:00.

I think, somehow it's cached or something because if I remove the layer from geoserver and create again, it works fine.

How do I have to set up Geoserver?

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NetCDF files are associated with a index file containing information about available times and the like in a sidecar directory. I believe you should be remove that, and then hit "reset" in the GeoServer UI status panel (or do the equivalent with the REST API)

  • It worked, thanks! I made a code in php and used REALOAD of the Rest Api Feb 27, 2017 at 9:44

You should set time zone before doing that.


See this link.

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