I have 2 polygons that represent districts from neighboring cites. The Polygons extend 1.5 miles out from the city border. There is an area between the 2 cities where these polygons overlap each other.

Is there a tool that i can input the 2 polygons and have it output them with the borders meeting in the middle between the two cities instead of overlapping?


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You could try running "euclidean allocation" tool link on the original city border polygons, setting the "maximum distance" parameter to 1.5 miles. Vectorize the results if necessary.


The union tool would separate each region (though not in the middle), under the geoprocessing tab. select your two polygons and union will create 3 polygons; 1 for each separate city and a third for the overlapping region.

Otherwise, you could edit each polygon using the editor toolbar to redraw their borders.


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