If I got one point like this:

ID longitude    latitude    azimuth

A   113.38107   22.35215    80

A   113.38107   22.35215    180

A   113.38107   22.35215    350

How to use QGIS to create a sector with different azimuths of one point like this?

an example:

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You can do that in symbology as follows:

  1. Select composite point symbology with circle and triangle
  2. Increase the size of the symbology
  3. At rotation field use Data defined override and select Azimuth field as rotation field

enter image description here

The output will be like this:

enter image description here

The circle is not mandatory, you can remove it and use only a triangle, which is what you want:

enter image description here


Assuming you have a single "wedge" symbol apply that as a point layer and then set the rotation value to be the azimuth column.

enter image description here


At present Tool's inbuilt feature with above mentioned process is observed with dynamic size change at variable zoom levels: Below process could be given a try for static output symbols

Sector plot comparison inbuilt vs Shape Tools via QGIS Telecom sector making in rendering proper order by QGIS

You may use "Shapes Tool" to generate variable shapes with overlay of layers by size

  1. CSV raw data should be arranged in descending order of Antenna Size to have overlay proper (highest shape size bottom and lowest size on top overlay) or

  2. Use Control feature rendering order from Layer properties-->Style and arrange the parameter in order

QGIS: Telecom Site Sector making sample QGIS: Shape Tools interface

QGIS Layer rendering options

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