I'm developing a plugin for QGIS 2.18 where a user can obtain some statistics from a layer, something similar to this:

Raster info

The above tool can be accessed from the menubar:

Raster > Miscellaneous > Information

What kind of Qt object is the box above and how can I print information not only in a similar format but also in an efficient manner?

At the moment, I'm sending text to a QTextBrowser using something like:

self.dockwidget.textBrowser.setText(str('Layer name: ' + str(layer.name()) +
                            '\nDate: 20/02/2017' +
                            '\nSize: 5 Mb' + 

Current report

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We can use a QListWidget to create a list of items and set it to use alternating row colours:

listWidget = self.dockwidget.listWidget

layer = self.iface.activeLayer()
layer_dict = {'  Layer name': layer.name(),
              '   Date': '20/02/2017',
              '    Size': '5 Mb'}

row = 0
for key, value in layer_dict.items():
    listWidget.insertItem(row, key + ': ' + value)
    row = row + 1



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