I know how to examine the properties of a GeoJSON file:

ogrinfo my.geojson OGRGeoJSON -so

But is there a way that I can retrieve a single feature's actual properties, to see what they look like?

I guess I can do this with head, but it would be nice if there was a structured way.

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Sure! Check the documentation for multiple options. Here are some I thought of.

Getting the first feature:

ogrinfo -al -fid 1 file.geojson

Getting the first feature via SQL:

ogrinfo -al -sql "SELECT * FROM OGRGeoJSON WHERE fid=1" file.geojson

On GDAL 2.2 you could use LIMIT like this:

ogrinfo -al -sql "SELECT * FROM OGRGeoJSON LIMIT 1" file.geojson
  • The problem with this solution is the resulting 'Layer name' is 'SELECT'? – jsta Dec 30 '17 at 15:08

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