I am a QGIS newbie trying to work through Lex Berman's QGIS tutorial. I'm stuck in the "join" unit, because I do not see a Vector menu on my menu bar. The screen shots show that there should be a Vector menu after the Help menu and before the Window menu on the menu bar.

Is this a plugin I need to install, or did I install the software improperly? (I've found that I've had to install a couple of plugins myself, things that aren't described outright in the tutorial.)

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To get the "Vector" menu: Install and activate "ftools" plugin.

It should be installed and on by default if you use a recent version of QGIS though.

  • Thanks. That did it. I'm using 1.7.4, which I think is the latest version. Almost none of the plugins are activated. – Caroline T. Schroeder Apr 5 '12 at 14:11

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