I'm trying to set up my own nominatim server. For this I used a Dockerimage (https://github.com/helvalius/nominatim-docker/issues).

So I want to import all the german data but this seems to be a huge amount of data.

So according to my special needs I don't need all information which is stored. I only will send requests to the server with a street, a house number, a city and a zip code.

Because the request comes from our database I know that this information is available.

So I hope there is a way I could only import the needed data to save some disk space and server power too.

Is there a way to do this? Or is there a way to get predefined data with my needs?

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It should be sufficient to import only the data for Germany in your case. See country and area extracts. Nominatim will import all relevant data required for geocoding. This is slightly more than just "street, a house number, a city and a zip code" since administrative boundaries are often necessary to determine which city a specific place belongs to.


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