I have a text field called GIS_ID which I would like to populate with a unique UUID only if it doesn't have a valid UUID already. That is, if the field is NULL, or contains any other value other than a valid UUID, then I want it to populate it with a UUID. If there is already a valid UUID in the field, then I want it to do nothing.

I'm using ArcGIS Desktop 10.4.1 Standard License and I want to populate the field using the field calculator. I'm also aware of GUID Fields in ArcGIS but they aren't suitable for the client's purposes.


I solved this with the following codeblock for the field calculator with the Python parser. I used the uuid module as well as the re module.

The regular expression for UUIDs is:


def CalcUUID(n):
  import uuid
  import re
  if n==None:
    return str(uuid.uuid4()).upper()
  elif rePattern.match(n):
    return n
    return str(uuid.uuid4()).upper()

In the above code, n is the field I want to update which may or may not contain a valid UUID. The expression to run the code is:

CalcGUID( !GIS_ID! )

Where GIS_ID is the field to update.

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