I did a Network Analysis with ArcMap, executed by a python-script (I am building an ArcGIS-Tool).

In the very end, I want my directions-output to be shown as a displayed map, so the user can navigate with the map.

But right now I only get an HTML/XML/Text-File, which is nice, but not perfect.

# Process: Directions
arcpy.Directions_na(Route1__6_, "HTML", Directions2102_html, "Kilometers", "REPORT_TIME", "Minutes", "en", "NA Desktop", "")

Is there a way to display a map like ArcMap does, when I run the Network Analyst tool Find Routes?


The Find Routes tool outputs the directions feature class that you need. See Output_Directions_Name under the Syntax section in the documentation. Whatever you have named this direction feature class in your Python script contains the directions you want to add to a map.

You can use AddLayer to add the directions layer to the MXD

  • Yes, thanks, but is there a way to display the directions feature automatically from script? – GISbert Feb 22 '17 at 10:13
  • Use acrpy.AddLayer. Link added to answer – Clubdebambos Feb 22 '17 at 10:17

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