I have a python toolbox and the client wishes to have the side help pane show help. The only way I know of to do this is reference a chm help file. That option is grayed out for python toolboxes (.pyt) but not for toolboxes with scripts (.tbx, the route I don't want to go).

Does anyone have any insight or have accomplished such a feat?

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In a Python Toolbox you can create help for the side pane by editing the Item Description for the tool. To do this you can right-click on the tool in your toolbox

enter image description here

Click Item Description which will open a new dialog. Click on Edit and you can edit the details.

enter image description here

These details you add to the Summary will be shown in the help side pane.

enter image description here

The other details will be shown in a browser when you click on Tool Help, or when you open Item Description

Item Description:
enter image description here

Browser shown after clicking "Tool Help" from the tool:
enter image description here

The help for the toolbox and for each tool is stored in .xml files. There is a separate .xml file for each tool.

enter image description here

For more info see Documenting a tool in a Python toolbox

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