I have created a Python toolbox and a simple SimpleTool with this initialization:

class SimpleTool(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self.label = "Simple label"
        self.description = "Simple description"
        self.category = "Group1"

It is working like expected - the toolbox puts the tool into the Group1 category. Now I would like to create a sub-group under this Group1 called e.g. Sub-group1.

If you create an ordinary toolbox under MyToolboxes, you can create unlimited(?) new sub-groups in sub-groups in sub-groups in that toolbox. But I can see no way how to do it within Python Toolbox.

Is it possible to create sub-groups under a group in Python Toolbox?


I have not tested this, although I think I have done this in the past, but I found some code that describes it in a GeoNet thread called Python Toolbox Toolset.

The key thing is to:

embed '\' separators between the toolsets. Here's an example where the two "Export" tools will be in separate toolsets, nested underneath the parent (also on GitHub)

As the asker commented:

It really works, so the solution is:

self.category = "Group1\\Sub-group1"

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