I'm using Openlayers 3 with geoserver for showing roads and temperature information from a NetCDF. When I select a road, I would like to get the temperature information for each coordinate of the road.

Using getGetFeatureInfoUrl it's possible to get the information of one point, but if I tried to get it from many points using a loop, it takes much time.

Which is the correct way to do this? Is there a way to send linestring coordinates as a parameter?

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No, there is no such a thing in standard OGC protocols.

GeoServer has an extension for multidimensional data called "ncWMS extension" that adds some extra, but not the particular one you're looking for, which would be called "GetTransect".


  • Implement, or sponsor, GetTransect in GeoServer "ncWMS extensions"
  • Implement a WPS process doing the same
  • Use ncWMS (the server that inspired the above extensions)

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