I am using GeoServer v2.10.1. I have created a layer for testing using "Geo-tiff" store and later published it that computed "Native and Declared" Coordinate reference systems and computed "Bounding Boxes" automatically from image raster/data.

CRS and Bounding Box for Layer

After creating layer I called WCS GetCapabilities operation and found my layer/coverage in available coverage. Next I have tried calling WCS DescribeCoverage Operation and found that the coordinates under Bounding Box are rotated as shown in figure.

DescribeCoverage Operation

For the confirmation I tried GetCoverage Operation on same coverage and the image downloaded was also rotated.


So is this default WCS behaviour?

As I have tried the same layer using WMS (in OpenLayers) and get the correct image.

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    Perhaps there is a bug in GeoServer 2.10. Could you write a mail to GeoServer users mailing list and ask? You can use demo layer for test request localhost:8080/geoserver/…. I believe that GridBaseCRS in EPSG:4326 should have coordinates also in latitude-longitude order like they are for EPSG:4326 BoundingBox.
    – user30184
    Feb 28, 2017 at 6:46

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There is no "rotation", what you are seeing is an axis flip, read more about it here: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Axis_Order_Confusion

Long story short, the UI reports data in lon/lat order, but the recent versions of OGC protocols demand the axis order to be lat/lon instead, that's why you see the "inconsistency".

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