I have an issue with createLayer. The date has duplicate polygons ( countries) so I ha have included a SQL to group and sum up the the values of those duplicated countries :

cartodb.createLayer(map, { user_name: 'migrantreport', type: 'cartodb', sublayers: [{ sql: "SELECT country, SUM(dec_16)dec_16 FROM origins_by_country_of_arrival_sp_copy GROUP BY country",

cartocss: "#origins_by_country_of_arrival_sp_copy{polygon-fill: #FFFFB2; polygon-opacity: 0.8;line-color: #FFF;line-width: 0.5;line-opacity: 1;}", }] }).addTo(map)

The SQL query works ( I already test it externally ) but when using the code above it doesn't work nor gives any error...

I could group all the polygons beforehand but I need to keep it like this to perform different queries later where the data needs to be non grouped ..

any suggestion??

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In order to make createLayer work, you need to add to your query at least the_geom_webmercator field. I would also recommend adding the cartodb_id and the_geom columns. Your query works but you need the the_geom_webmercator to "paint" the geometries of your dataset/layer on the map.

  • Thanks Ramiro, I've got it :-) working perfectly . Super helpful. Mar 1, 2017 at 21:13

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