I recently published a map as a service from ArcMap for Desktop to ArcGIS Online. I wanted to provide a web map for our customers to access and to interact with. The layers that I uploaded were a combination of vector (Roads, Waterbodies) and raster layers (Elevation, Land use).

However, after I published the layers, my expectation is that the user will be able to toggle on/off the layers as I do in the Desktop environment. That is not the case. I'm not sure why in ArcGIS Online I am unable to do so?

enter image description here

I haven't found another question that assists in me trying to figure out the answer as well as I have tried re-uploading using different approaches, to no avail.


I have not done this myself but I found Toggle layer visibility which may help because it can:

Create a list of layers in a map service and display each layer name along with a check box that allows end-users to toggle layer visibility.

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