Can anyone give short info about the difference between:

  • LandsatLook Natural Color Image (11.2 MB)
  • LandsatLook Thermal Image (8.9 MB)
  • LandsatLook Quality Image (2.5 MB)
  • LandsatLook Images with Geographic Reference (22.5 MB)
  • Level-1 GeoTIFF Data Product (270.4 MB)

I am trying to apply filters for feature detection in ArcMap on the Landsat data, but am I going to be able to make composite bands with the first four types of data? I guess they are simple jpeg images and won't give me any analysis value compared to the tiff data?

I don't want to download unnecessary files - the analysis process will produce enough chunk of data to fill a fully empty hard disk.


The ones labelled 'LandsatLook' are quicklooks with heavily degraded spatial, radiometric and spectral resolution and should only be used for quickly assessing image quality based on visual inspection.

As such, you should go for the Level-1 GeoTIFF Data Product for all applications where the results are of any importance, and not download any of the rest of the products.

  • I'd qualify that you ought to use the [atmospherically corrected products](landsat.usgs.gov/landsat-surface-reflectance-high-level-data-products) whenever possible, as the influence of the atmosphere is important. They also provide you with a nice cloud mask. – Jose Mar 31 '17 at 15:37

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