I have 5 years of MODIS13Q1 NDVI .tiff images for time series analysis. I want to multiply all the images with the scale factor of 0.0001 before using them. In order to process all at once I try to use Processing Toolbox -> SAGA -> Grid-Calculus -> Raster Calculator in Batch Processing Mode. As MODIS13Q1 is a 16 bit signed integer I couldn't decide which output Data Type I should choose?

The choices are:

  • bit;
  • unsigned 1 byte integer;
  • signed 1 byte integer;
  • unsigned 2 byte integer;
  • signed 2 byte integer;
  • unsigned 4 byte integer;
  • signed 4 byte integer;
  • 4 byte floating point number;
  • 8 byte floating point number;

It's suppose to be a floating number but should I choose 4 byte or 8 byte?

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Choose the option "signed 2 byte integer" for generate image of type 16 bit signed integer.

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